Migration is neither a human right, nor a desirable process

Hungary is staying at the negotiating table to pursue solutions for managing global migration at the international community’s level. But as Foreign Minister Szijjártó has said, the security of our own citizens must come first.

The zero draft of the UN’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, an outline negotiated among Member States as a comprehensive approach to global migration, was published a few months ago (the compact on refugees had been made public earlier). The draft document, which refers to migration as a fundamental human right and calls upon Member States to reduce the criminalization of illegal…

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Editorial May 2, 2018


‘Hungary is more democratic than France,’ says French party leader and former MP

Certain European opinion-leaders and media outlets, reacting to the news of the re-election April 8 of Viktor Orbán and the ruling parties, could barely conceal their disappointment, according to a former member of the French National Assembly. But in some respects, “Hungary is more democratic than France,” he writes, and Orbán’s victory should be celebrated.

French media outlets like CNews spoke of the “controversial” Viktor Orbán while the 24-hour news channel BFM reported on the victory of the “far right” in Hungary, writes Christian Vanneste. Huffington Post reported with grave concern that “The Results of the Elections in Hungary…

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Editorial April 19, 2018


Frank Füredi: The demonization of Hungary is the real threat to democracy

Last week, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz-KDNP alliance won Hungary’s 2018 general elections by a landslide, securing another two-thirds supermajority in Hungary’s National Assembly. The 70 percent voter turnout, an increase of nearly eight points over the previous elections, gives the government one of the strongest mandates in Hungary’s entire democratic history.

In an article published on Spiked Online, sociologist Frank Füredi says that the real threat to Hungarian democracy is not the Fidesz government but the absence of a serious and responsible political opposition. Without one, Füredi argues, no government can genuinely work effectively.

“If you only listened to Western…

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Editorial April 18, 2018


PM Benjamin Netanyahu sends congratulations, invitation to PM Viktor Orbán

Following Fidesz’s victory in the April 8 parliamentary elections, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated PM Viktor Orbán on his re-election and extended an invitation to visit Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated re-elected Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán for his sweeping victory that resulted in a two-thirds parliamentary majority. According to The Times of Israel, PM Netanyahu invited his Hungarian counterpart to visit Israel and thanked Prime Minister Orbán for “Hungary’s support for Israel in international forums.”

At the end of March, Hungary was one of four countries joining the Unites States voting in support of Israel and against UNHCR’s…

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Editorial April 18, 2018


Hungarian elections: a near record high turnout delivers a third consecutive victory to Prime Minister Orbán

With nearly 99 percent of votes counted and voter turnout approaching 70 percent, the outcome of last Sunday’s general elections is clear. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance secured a third consecutive term, an achievement unparalleled in Hungary’s democratic history. 

“Hungary is a country of brave people who today have made it clear – not only for ourselves, but for the whole of Europe – that things cannot continue like this,” said PM Orbán commenting on preliminary results in a television interview on Sunday night.

The voters “have stood up for Hungary’s sovereignty,” the prime minister said later at a…

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Editorial April 13, 2018


PM Orbán addresses crowd of unprecedented numbers: “Our biggest battle is about to begin”

“One hundred and seventy years ago was the day when the Hungarian word for freedom, szabadság, entered the world’s lexicon” – said PM Orbán in his March 15th address before a crowd estimated in the hundreds of thousands to commemorate the 170th anniversary of Hungary’s 1848 Revolution and War of Independence.

“Over the last 30 years we have fought many great battles,” the prime minister said, “but our biggest battle is about to begin.” PM Orbán said, alluding to the fact that on 8 April Hungarians will go to the polls and cast a ballot that will decide Hungary’s fate…

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Editorial April 3, 2018


We have much to be proud of

If today’s European politicians and decision-makers knew more about Hungarian history, they would be more cautious and prudent when talking about Hungarians, said István Pásztor, president of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, in Brussels earlier this month. If we compare Hungarians to the European nations to the west of us, we can walk a bit prouder, we have plenty to be proud of, he added.

Commemorating the 170th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence of 1848-1849, an event organized by the Hungarian delegation of the European People’s Party Group and the Hungarian Wave Public and Cultural Society,…

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Editorial March 28, 2018

European People's Party

PM Orbán: Europe is full up, external borders must be defended

A “mandatory migrant quota is out of the question,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán following a meeting on Tuesday with EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber. The prime minister emphasized that the response should focus on “ensuring that illegal migrants cannot gain entry to Hungary and the territory of the European Union.”

“We must state that when we are talking about migration on a European level, that Europe is full up,” said Prime Minister Orbán, cautioning that the mainstream ideas in the EU tend toward a resettlement-centered approach to managing the migration crisis. As an alternative, he said, the government…

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Editorial March 22, 2018


The Commission ‘has taken the Hungarian election campaign to Brussels’

Last week, the European Commission published the latest country report on Hungary. While we have grown accustomed to certain points of criticism emanating from the European Commission, this latest report, issued a month before Hungary’s parliamentary elections, takes matters much further.

The report represents an “obvious and clear manipulation” and as such the Commission “took the Hungarian election campaign to the EU institutions,” said József Szájer, MEP and Vice-Chair of the EPP Group, at a press conference in Brussels.

“The report has been prepared on a political order. It is an open intervention in Hungary’s election campaign,” he added.

The report is…

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Editorial March 13, 2018


Hungarian EPP delegation and Hungarian Wave host book launch: Creating Balance – the Mission of Economic Policy

Recently, Hungary’s EPP delegation – in cooperation with Brussels-based Magyar Hullám – hosted the launch event for renowned Hungarian economist László György’s latest book Creating Balance – The Mission of Economic Policy. In his book, György delves into the reasons for Hungary’s post-2010 economic success.

“The critics of Hungary’s post-2010 economic policy first said that it will lead to bankruptcy. When the accomplishments started to appear, they said the success will only be temporary. Now, when it produces stability and long-term growth they say it solely feeds on EU money,” said László György, discussing mainstream economists’ take on the…

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Editorial March 8, 2018