Europe must rediscover its identity

The rise of radical political forces across Europe, the prolonged euro crisis and financial support of Greece, mass migration, sporadic terror attacks, and the unstable Balkans are all symptoms of today’s deepening political, economic and cultural crisis in the western world. Some of these threats may be aggravated by external factors, but their very root is the self-defeating nature of western civilization itself.

“It is a dangerous combination to be rich and appear weak at the same time,” said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, referring to Europe’s inability to protect her own borders and control an unprecedented wave of mass…

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András Gyürk May 21, 2017


“The clearly articulated will of the people will reach Brussels”

Fidesz is a reform opposition, says MEP András Gyürk, Head of the Hungarian EPP Group delegation. Fidesz is pro-Europe but will not let true debates be overshadowed.

What is your opinion on the document published by the European Commission challenging the national consultation?

I am happy that the European Commission “takes part” in the national consultation because real debate tends to be overshadowed in EU decision-making. They do not address the really important questions. Also, I think it is right that the Hungarian government offers a rejoinder. This dialogue facilitates the common European cause.

According to Viktor Orbán, the government wants Brussels…

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András Gyürk May 11, 2017


What is George Soros up to in Brussels?

George Soros is visiting Brussels this week to discuss with European leaders, including Jean-Claude Juncker, Frans Timmermans and others, the situation in Hungary, migration and his vision for Europe. Isn’t it strange that an American billionaire receives such an open and warmhearted reception from the leaders of the European Union?

This Thursday, Soros, a staunch opponent of border protection in the European Union, proponent of mass migration into the EU and an open critic of center-right governments like Viktor Orbán’s, will attend a number of meetings with the EU’s senior leadership.

It is not his first lobbying visit though. Many…

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Editorial April 27, 2017


If we want Europe to remain the best place in the world, says PM Orbán, we must take up the fight to preserve it

Reflecting on the future of Europe, Prime Minister Orbán began his remarks at the European People’s Party Congress in Europe in Malta by thanking God that after suffering for decades under communist dictatorship and Soviet military occupation, Central Europe was finally able to rejoin the European family.

The journey home was a return to our rightful place, a return to a Europe that remains an ideal place – for the time being. “The way we see it,” the prime minister said, “Europe is the best place in the world for human life. For the time being. We can live in…

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Editorial April 5, 2017


The European Court of Human Rights’ shocking ruling against Europe’s security

A recent ruling of the European Court of Human Rights would make it practically impossible for Hungary to protect its share of the southern border of Europe’s Schengen Area. Hungary will appeal the decision, but at the same time, Europe should make it clear that the safety and rights of its own citizens come before the rights of illegals.

Last week, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Hungary should pay 18,705 EUR each to two Bangladeshi citizens, who were not allowed into the territory of the Schengen zone before a decision on their asylum request was finalized. The…

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Editorial March 28, 2017

Food quality

New member states must not be regarded as “Europe’s food dump”

A series of examinations by local, food quality inspectors show that some producers sell inferior quality food products to central Europe under the same brand name. Following the revelation, the Visegrád Group is taking up the fight against double standards on food quality sold in the new Member States.

The issue surfaced after several examinations showed that food producers are delivering products to central Europe that are seemingly the same as those they are selling in western Europe but are in fact of lower quality. Slovak and Hungarian researchers turned up evidence of the dumping practice following similar tests conducted…

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György Hölvényi March 24, 2017


Commemorating 1848: freedom for Hungary, freedom for Europe

On March 15th, Hungary commemorates its role in Europe’s “Age of Revolution,” the movements that rose up in 1848 to call for national self-determination and independence from the Habsburg Empire. In today’s Europe, as Prime Minister Orbán pointed out in his national day speech, we once again see “signs, which signal there are problems in the empire.”

Hungary’s 1848 revolution played a significant part in the “national awakening” that swept over Europe in the 19th century, but the revolution and war for independence is also another chapter in a longer Hungarian story about revolution and fighting for freedom. With…

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Editorial March 20, 2017

European People's Party

The hope for EU’s future is found in a Europe of strong nation states

Last week’s gathering of EU heads of state and government was convened to address some lofty questions – such as where Europe is headed as we prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome – and some practical business – such as electing a president of the European Council. Inevitably, Hungary’s new law on managing migration also came up.

Europe will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaty in March, and it offers a timely moment to take a hard look at the direction the EU is taking. The EU, as Prime Minister Orbán said, needs…

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András Gyürk March 15, 2017


It’s high time for Europe to see communism for what it really was

“oday many in the West are still excusing the crimes of communism – and even the European Union itself is reluctant to unequivocally condemn them,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Saturday, Hungary’s national day of commemoration for the victims of communism. Indeed, Europe owes it to the victims to recognize communism for the brutal totalitarian ideology it really was.

Not only that. Europe should take it a step further, as I said at one of the commemorative events. Besides political declarations, it is high time that an international court bring perpetrators of crimes under communism to justice.

When Hungary…

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László Tőkés March 2, 2017


PM Orbán’s wake up call to Europe

Today, Europe, is facing four different crises at the same time, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said recently. The “crises of economic competitiveness, demography, security and foreign policy” are going to put severe strain on the continent, unless Europe re-discovers its potential and its strength and musters the courage to defend its identity.

The prime minister laid out this picture of a Europe beset by crises in a speech he delivered at the end of January in Brussels and in a lengthy essay on the future of Europe published in the Hungarian Review and a shorter version of the same…

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Editorial February 13, 2017