The European Court of Human Rights’ shocking ruling against Europe’s security

A recent ruling of the European Court of Human Rights would make it practically impossible for Hungary to protect its share of the southern border of Europe’s Schengen Area. Hungary will appeal the decision, but at the same time, Europe should make it clear that the safety and rights of its own citizens come before the rights of illegals.

Last week, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Hungary should pay 18,705 EUR each to two Bangladeshi citizens, who were not allowed into the territory of the Schengen zone before a decision on their asylum request was finalized. The…

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Editorial March 28, 2017

Food quality

New member states must not be regarded as “Europe’s food dump”

A series of examinations by local, food quality inspectors show that some producers sell inferior quality food products to central Europe under the same brand name. Following the revelation, the Visegrád Group is taking up the fight against double standards on food quality sold in the new Member States.

The issue surfaced after several examinations showed that food producers are delivering products to central Europe that are seemingly the same as those they are selling in western Europe but are in fact of lower quality. Slovak and Hungarian researchers turned up evidence of the dumping practice following similar tests conducted…

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György Hölvényi March 24, 2017


Commemorating 1848: freedom for Hungary, freedom for Europe

On March 15th, Hungary commemorates its role in Europe’s “Age of Revolution,” the movements that rose up in 1848 to call for national self-determination and independence from the Habsburg Empire. In today’s Europe, as Prime Minister Orbán pointed out in his national day speech, we once again see “signs, which signal there are problems in the empire.”

Hungary’s 1848 revolution played a significant part in the “national awakening” that swept over Europe in the 19th century, but the revolution and war for independence is also another chapter in a longer Hungarian story about revolution and fighting for freedom. With…

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Editorial March 20, 2017

European People's Party

The hope for EU’s future is found in a Europe of strong nation states

Last week’s gathering of EU heads of state and government was convened to address some lofty questions – such as where Europe is headed as we prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome – and some practical business – such as electing a president of the European Council. Inevitably, Hungary’s new law on managing migration also came up.

Europe will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaty in March, and it offers a timely moment to take a hard look at the direction the EU is taking. The EU, as Prime Minister Orbán said, needs…

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András Gyürk March 15, 2017


It’s high time for Europe to see communism for what it really was

“oday many in the West are still excusing the crimes of communism – and even the European Union itself is reluctant to unequivocally condemn them,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Saturday, Hungary’s national day of commemoration for the victims of communism. Indeed, Europe owes it to the victims to recognize communism for the brutal totalitarian ideology it really was.

Not only that. Europe should take it a step further, as I said at one of the commemorative events. Besides political declarations, it is high time that an international court bring perpetrators of crimes under communism to justice.

When Hungary…

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László Tőkés March 2, 2017


PM Orbán’s wake up call to Europe

Today, Europe, is facing four different crises at the same time, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said recently. The “crises of economic competitiveness, demography, security and foreign policy” are going to put severe strain on the continent, unless Europe re-discovers its potential and its strength and musters the courage to defend its identity.

The prime minister laid out this picture of a Europe beset by crises in a speech he delivered at the end of January in Brussels and in a lengthy essay on the future of Europe published in the Hungarian Review and a shorter version of the same…

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Editorial February 13, 2017

Middle East

Persecuted Christians of the Middle East and Northern Africa need our help now

In December, two heinous terror attacks took place within a few days of each other. A jihadist drove a truck into the Christmas market in Berlin and a Coptic Christian church was blown up in Cairo, Egypt, during service. The perpetrators, in both cases, sought to harm the “infidel” Christians and attack Christian celebrations and symbols.

The attacks were acts of radical Islamic terror, ISIS claiming responsibility in both cases. Authorities reported that several other attempts were foiled in other European countries.

While we struggle to deal with this horrific violence here in Europe, the fear of this kind of terror…

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György Hölvényi February 7, 2017


President Tajani’s election: a step in the right direction

Last week the European Parliament elected its new presidency. A seasoned European statesman and conservative, Antonio Tajani, was elected president with 351 votes. The following day, my colleague in the Fidesz MEP delegation, Ildikó Gáll-Pelcz, was re-elected as Vice-President.

The upcoming two and a half years look like they will be just as turbulent in the European Union as during the last EP presidency’s term, but President Tajani’s election is an encouraging sign. The deep structural problems in the European Union will not simply end overnight, but conservative leaders including the EU’s founding father, Robert Schuman, have rarely disappointed us….

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Tamás Deutsch January 27, 2017


With record-low unemployment, Hungary is getting back to work

When the Orbán Government took office in 2010, it set about building a new, labor-based economy that would replace welfare checks with work opportunities. Today, Hungary’s unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest in 27 years. At 4.5 percent, according to the latest data, the country’s jobless rate is less than half of the EU average of 9.8 percent and beats most other Member States.

“Hungarian reforms are working,” we say, referring to a package of government policy changes that have paid off state debt, cut taxes and spurred GDP growth. But the Hungarian economy is working, because Hungarians are…

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Ildikó Gáll-Pelcz January 23, 2017

Middle East

We need to do more to protect Christians in the Middle East and North Africa

As Christians around the world celebrated the third Sunday of Advent, a Coptic Christian cathedral was bombed in Cairo, Egypt during services. This is just one more example of Christians being targeted by radical Islamists in the Middle East and North Africa. The 25 martyrs, many of whom were women and children, died because of their religion. When will Europe finally realize that our Christian brothers and sisters in the region need our help and act accordingly?

Today, these communities in the Middle East and North Africa are being persecuted, victimized and slaughtered due to their religion. During my fact-finding…

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György Hölvényi January 12, 2017