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Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Hungary invites the world to build ‘bridge between the deaf and the hearing’

Addressing the third International Conference of the World Federation of the Deaf in Budapest last week, Prime Minister Orbán drew a parallel between the right of the deaf to use sign language and the Hungarian language rights of ethnic minorities in the Carpathian Basin, declaring November 9th the day of Hungarian sign language.

Everyone has the right to use their own languages without limits, the prime minister said, emphasizing that Hungary’s Fundamental Law identifies Hungarian sign language as part of Hungarian culture. In response to a joint initiative put forward by the first deaf member of the Hungarian Parliament, Gergely Tapolcai,…

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November 15, 2017


The hard work of correcting Europe’s demographic course

A devastating demographic crisis is chipping away at the strength of European nations. An ageing population combined with low fertility rates raise daunting challenges, and many countries are struggling to find solutions.

“Europe is old, rich and weak,” Prime Minister Orbán said recently, “the world’s population is rapidly growing, while the population of Europe is declining.” While some argue that immigration must be part of the answer, Hungary has dared to propose an alternative “by relying on our own resources,” he said, speaking at the second annual Budapest Demographic Forum. As the lofty ideals of multiculturalism and Willkommenskultur tumble in…

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June 14, 2017