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The European Parliament’s resolution on Hungary is outrageous

Pressure is growing on the Hungarian government in connection with the migrant quota. The European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning Hungary that was initiated by left-wing parties aiming to impose illegal immigration on Hungary, following the anti-nation state and pro-illegal immigration agenda of George Soros.

The Fidesz-Christian Democrat group rejects this latest political offense against Hungary. In Brussels, our job is to protect the interests of the Hungarian people and the citizens of Europe, and that’s why we continue to oppose illegal immigration.

The outlandish text of the resolution calls upon the LIBE Committee of the EP to prepare a report…

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András Gyürk June 1, 2017


“The clearly articulated will of the people will reach Brussels”

Fidesz is a reform opposition, says MEP András Gyürk, Head of the Hungarian EPP Group delegation. Fidesz is pro-Europe but will not let true debates be overshadowed.

What is your opinion on the document published by the European Commission challenging the national consultation?

I am happy that the European Commission “takes part” in the national consultation because real debate tends to be overshadowed in EU decision-making. They do not address the really important questions. Also, I think it is right that the Hungarian government offers a rejoinder. This dialogue facilitates the common European cause.

According to Viktor Orbán, the government wants Brussels…

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András Gyürk May 11, 2017


What is George Soros up to in Brussels?

George Soros is visiting Brussels this week to discuss with European leaders, including Jean-Claude Juncker, Frans Timmermans and others, the situation in Hungary, migration and his vision for Europe. Isn’t it strange that an American billionaire receives such an open and warmhearted reception from the leaders of the European Union?

This Thursday, Soros, a staunch opponent of border protection in the European Union, proponent of mass migration into the EU and an open critic of center-right governments like Viktor Orbán’s, will attend a number of meetings with the EU’s senior leadership.

It is not his first lobbying visit though. Many…

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Editorial April 27, 2017


It’s high time for Europe to see communism for what it really was

“oday many in the West are still excusing the crimes of communism – and even the European Union itself is reluctant to unequivocally condemn them,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Saturday, Hungary’s national day of commemoration for the victims of communism. Indeed, Europe owes it to the victims to recognize communism for the brutal totalitarian ideology it really was.

Not only that. Europe should take it a step further, as I said at one of the commemorative events. Besides political declarations, it is high time that an international court bring perpetrators of crimes under communism to justice.

When Hungary…

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László Tőkés March 2, 2017


President Tajani’s election: a step in the right direction

Last week the European Parliament elected its new presidency. A seasoned European statesman and conservative, Antonio Tajani, was elected president with 351 votes. The following day, my colleague in the Fidesz MEP delegation, Ildikó Gáll-Pelcz, was re-elected as Vice-President.

The upcoming two and a half years look like they will be just as turbulent in the European Union as during the last EP presidency’s term, but President Tajani’s election is an encouraging sign. The deep structural problems in the European Union will not simply end overnight, but conservative leaders including the EU’s founding father, Robert Schuman, have rarely disappointed us….

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Tamás Deutsch January 27, 2017


Why is it so hard to call Castro what he really was – a “brutal dictator”

The European Commission has stated that the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro was a “hero for many”, suggesting that labeling him a dictator did not reflect their views. It seems that whitewashing the record of communist dictators has become official policy in Europe.

Fidel Castro was vilified around the world, feared by many and played a complicit role in a missile crisis that brought the U.S. and the Soviet Union to the brink of nuclear war. Why then did Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker say that Castro was “one of the historic figures of the past century” and that “the world…

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András Gyürk December 5, 2016


Never forget echoes across Europe 15 years after 9/11

Even today, it remains difficult to overstate the impact of the attack on the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001. It fundamentally changed our societies, our sense of security and our freedom. Since that dark day fifteen years ago, a plague of heinous violence has claimed many innocent lives, and Islamic terrorism has expanded its cowardly campaign in Europe.

Madrid, London, Paris, Brussels, Munich, Nice. The list of cities grows and the victim toll rises. These acts of violence tear at our communities and attack the foundations of our culture based on freedom.

Fortunately, some of us have resolved to respond….

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András Gyürk September 12, 2016

European People's Party

Turning 40, Looking Sharp: Happy Birthday, EPP

An old friend and our political family, the European People’s Party, turned 40 years old this week. European conservatives from all over Europe celebrated its conservative founding fathers, their wisdom and thoughtfulness in Luxembourg on Monday. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Europe’s largest political group, the EPP, is the force that has the courage to be brave and outspoken in answering today’s toughest challenges.

Without the EPP, Orbán said, the Soviet Union would not have disintegrated in the 20th century and communism would not have fallen. He said that, without the EPP, Hungary would never have become a…

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András Gyürk June 4, 2016


Hungary’s Constitution, the Fundamental Law, Turns Five

On Monday, the Hungarian Parliament celebrated the five-year anniversary of the passage of Hungary’s first democratic constitution, the Fundamental Law. It has become an example to Member States and EU institutions about how to work together proactively and efficiently, and has weathered more than its fair share of political storms. But that’s not the only European aspect we are pleased to celebrate.

Hungary was the last of the “new” EU Member States to replace its outdated constitution, dating from 1949 and rewritten in 1989, while Soviet troops still occupied the country. The previous constitution never had legitimacy because it was…

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József Szájer April 28, 2016


Interview: “Europe Has Been Destroyed by Liberals”

In an interview with the Hungarian daily Magyar Idők, MEP András Gyürk says that Europe is facing a deep crisis and liberal dogmas have failed. The head of the Fidesz Delegation to the European Parliament said that times are changing in Europe and the pressure of political correctness is easing. Hungary’s experience and practices may be significant when the new direction is defined.

The following is an English-language version of the interview. The original Hungarian-language interview is available here.

Magyar Idők:Over the past year, we have seen events of historical significance in Europe. Where is the continent heading?
András Gyürk:…

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András Gyürk December 17, 2015

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