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Ukraine must respect minority education rights on the road to EU accession

Since joining the EU in 2004, Hungary has been an outspoken supporter of Ukraine’s path to joining the European community. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been calling for visa-free travel to the EU for the citizens of Ukraine – a symbolic step for Ukraine’s integration into the community. However, in the process, Ukraine also has to do its part, and respect for minority rights, including the right to education, is a part of that.

As I made clear in the Plenary Session recently, with their proposed education reform plan, Ukraine endangers this right. This new proposition would limit the…

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Andrea Bocskor December 1, 2016


Latest from the Eastern Front – MEP Bocskor on Ukraine

Hungarian MEP Andrea Bocskor from Subcarpathia elaborates on the latest developments in Ukraine and the European reactions.

The conflict in Ukraine continues to drag on. It looks like a stalemate, and the attention of the international press is also waning. What is the situation currently in eastern Ukraine?

The migration crisis, the situation in Syria, the upcoming elections in the United States are pushing events in Ukraine into the background. However, the conflict has not yet been resolved and there are still human casualties in the fighting. This year the Ukrainian army will conduct four rounds of enlistment, and the first…

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Andrea Bocskor March 31, 2016