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European People’s Party

European People's Party

The hope for EU’s future is found in a Europe of strong nation states

Last week’s gathering of EU heads of state and government was convened to address some lofty questions – such as where Europe is headed as we prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome – and some practical business – such as electing a president of the European Council. Inevitably, Hungary’s new law on managing migration also came up.

Europe will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaty in March, and it offers a timely moment to take a hard look at the direction the EU is taking. The EU, as Prime Minister Orbán said, needs…

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András Gyürk March 15, 2017

European People's Party

András Gyürk: Hungary continues to be public enemy number one

The present crisis only reassures us that the EU must find in national identities the resource that might strengthen its weakened legitimacy – said András Gyürk, MEP of Fidesz in an interview to Origo.

What do you expect from the upcoming European Council meeting?

I am not looking expecting miracles, but a change might begin in managing migration. My impression is that the effects of the referendum are about to unfold. What’s important is not EU leaders’ arrogant statements on the surface, but what is happening deep down. Brussels wants to avoid having referenda in other states at all costs….

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October 26, 2016

European People's Party

A time to confront Goliath: Photo exhibition commemorates the Hungarian heroes of 1956

In honor of the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution and Freedom Fight of 1956, pictures capturing the times of Hungary’s young heroes adorn the Yehudi Menuhin Hall of the European Parliament. At the opening of the photo exhibition, October 18, President of the European People’s Party Joseph Daul and EPP Vice President József Szájer as well as Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament László Kövér praised the young freedom fighters of 1956, who, as teenagers, dared to take on the world’s largest army of the time in fight for Hungary’s freedom.

In his remarks, President Daul emphasized the importance of…

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Editorial October 22, 2016

European People's Party

Turning 40, Looking Sharp: Happy Birthday, EPP

An old friend and our political family, the European People’s Party, turned 40 years old this week. European conservatives from all over Europe celebrated its conservative founding fathers, their wisdom and thoughtfulness in Luxembourg on Monday. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that Europe’s largest political group, the EPP, is the force that has the courage to be brave and outspoken in answering today’s toughest challenges.

Without the EPP, Orbán said, the Soviet Union would not have disintegrated in the 20th century and communism would not have fallen. He said that, without the EPP, Hungary would never have become a…

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András Gyürk June 4, 2016