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Middle East

Middle East

Persecuted Christians of the Middle East and Northern Africa need our help now

In December, two heinous terror attacks took place within a few days of each other. A jihadist drove a truck into the Christmas market in Berlin and a Coptic Christian church was blown up in Cairo, Egypt, during service. The perpetrators, in both cases, sought to harm the “infidel” Christians and attack Christian celebrations and symbols.

The attacks were acts of radical Islamic terror, ISIS claiming responsibility in both cases. Authorities reported that several other attempts were foiled in other European countries.

While we struggle to deal with this horrific violence here in Europe, the fear of this kind of terror…

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György Hölvényi February 7, 2017

Middle East

We need to do more to protect Christians in the Middle East and North Africa

As Christians around the world celebrated the third Sunday of Advent, a Coptic Christian cathedral was bombed in Cairo, Egypt during services. This is just one more example of Christians being targeted by radical Islamists in the Middle East and North Africa. The 25 martyrs, many of whom were women and children, died because of their religion. When will Europe finally realize that our Christian brothers and sisters in the region need our help and act accordingly?

Today, these communities in the Middle East and North Africa are being persecuted, victimized and slaughtered due to their religion. During my fact-finding…

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György Hölvényi January 12, 2017