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The hard work of correcting Europe’s demographic course

A devastating demographic crisis is chipping away at the strength of European nations. An ageing population combined with low fertility rates raise daunting challenges, and many countries are struggling to find solutions.

“Europe is old, rich and weak,” Prime Minister Orbán said recently, “the world’s population is rapidly growing, while the population of Europe is declining.” While some argue that immigration must be part of the answer, Hungary has dared to propose an alternative “by relying on our own resources,” he said, speaking at the second annual Budapest Demographic Forum. As the lofty ideals of multiculturalism and Willkommenskultur tumble in…

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Ádám Kósa June 14, 2017


A recipe for overcoming Europe’s declining competitiveness

In 2017, “the European Union’s previously unquestioned competitiveness is at risk,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a recent speech, and recapturing that competitive edge begins with the EU realizing that “if the Member States are not successful, the European Union itself cannot be successful as a whole”.

The prime minister was addressing a general meeting of the management of Daimler AG in Hungary. Daimler is a major investor in the country, employing more than 4000 people and producing Mercedes-Benz B-Class and CLA models at their manufacturing facilities in Kecskemét.

More than a ceremonial address, the prime minister’s speech put forward…

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Editorial June 13, 2017


The European Parliament’s resolution on Hungary is outrageous

Pressure is growing on the Hungarian government in connection with the migrant quota. The European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning Hungary that was initiated by left-wing parties aiming to impose illegal immigration on Hungary, following the anti-nation state and pro-illegal immigration agenda of George Soros.

The Fidesz-Christian Democrat group rejects this latest political offense against Hungary. In Brussels, our job is to protect the interests of the Hungarian people and the citizens of Europe, and that’s why we continue to oppose illegal immigration.

The outlandish text of the resolution calls upon the LIBE Committee of the EP to prepare a report…

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András Gyürk June 1, 2017


Europe must rediscover its identity

The rise of radical political forces across Europe, the prolonged euro crisis and financial support of Greece, mass migration, sporadic terror attacks, and the unstable Balkans are all symptoms of today’s deepening political, economic and cultural crisis in the western world. Some of these threats may be aggravated by external factors, but their very root is the self-defeating nature of western civilization itself.

“It is a dangerous combination to be rich and appear weak at the same time,” said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, referring to Europe’s inability to protect her own borders and control an unprecedented wave of mass…

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András Gyürk May 21, 2017