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Bundestag VP: “The EP mistrusts Hungarians”

| September 24, 2018

The adoption of the Sargentini Report in the European Parliament (EP) demonstrates mistrust towards Hungarian people, said Bundestag VP Hans-Peter Friedrich following the plenary vote on the EP’s report condemning Hungary.

In an interview with Hungarian state media, the Bavarian Christian Social Union politician emphasized that even though “a great majority” of Hungarian people have put their trust in the government, the EP demonstrated mistrust towards PM Orbán’s government. “Therefore,” Friedrich said, “this carries the message of mistrust towards Hungarian voters and Hungarian democracy.” According to the German MP, this is a “very bad” development. He was disappointed by the outcome of the vote, especially by the high percentage of MEPs in favor of the report.

In the Bundestag VP’s view, the voting carries another “negative message” for all Central and Eastern European countries, that is that “they have to obey Brussels’ orders.” This is “absolutely not right considering how hard these countries had to fight for their freedom,” Hans-Peter Friedrich said, highlighting that he hopes that during next May’s EP elections great numbers will stand behind Fidesz “just because.”