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Freedom, economy, environment and European values in the focus of the EU’s new strategic agenda

| June 25, 2019

At its June meeting, the European Council set out priority areas and agreed on a new strategic agenda for the EU’s future.

The European Council released on June 20th its agenda for the next five-year term. By setting out priority areas, “A new strategic agenda 2019-2024” establishes a framework for the work of the European Council and provides guidance for other EU institutions.

The agenda focuses on four priority areas:

  • Protecting citizens and freedoms: The EU must defend the rights and freedom of the citizens and protect them against existing and emerging threads through external border protection, fighting illegal migration and improving co-operation;
  • Developing a strong and vibrant economic base: In order to promote prosperity, competitiveness and jobs, the EU will focus on completing a banking and capital union, strengthening the role of the euro and cohesion within Europe, advancing the digital revolution and ensuring fair competition;
  • Building a climate-neutral, green, fair and social Europe: In response to growing concerns over climate change, the European Council will work on reducing energy dependence, accelerating the transition to renewables, promoting sustainable agriculture and ensuring consistency with the Paris Agreement;
  • Promoting European interests and values on the global stage: To safeguard its interests, to uphold its values and way of life, and to shape the global future, the EU seeks to cooperate with other countries on migration, to develop a comprehensive partnership with Africa, and to support the UN, NATO and other important multilateral organizations.

The agenda also sets out a framework of tools to help achieve the objectives.

For more detail, read the full text of the strategic agenda here.