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Justice Ministry: Hungary’s courts among best in Europe

| June 12, 2019

The Justice Scoreboard released every year by the European Commission shows trends and reforms in the court systems of Member States. In the latest edition, Hungarian courts are now ranked among Europe’s most efficient.

For monitoring justice reforms and their impact in Member States since 2013, the EU Justice Scoreboard (also know simply as the “Scoreboard”) presents an annual overview of indicators with relevance for the independence, quality and efficiency of justice, essential parameters of an effective justice system; and serves as an inspiration to EU governments, highlighting positive and negative trends in the judiciary.

The 2019 edition further develops the indicators on all three elements and, for the first time, presents indicators on the detailed spending of financial resources in each justice system; standards applied to improve the quality of judgments in the highest courts; and standards and practices in managing caseloads and backlogs in courts.

Hungary’s Justice Ministry said recent changes to procedural law, better financing of the court system and administrative improvements made by the National Judicial Office (OBH) have resulted in Hungarian courts now being classed among Europe’s most efficient.

Hungarian courts are the fifth fastest when it comes to resolving commercial, family-law, economic, and civil cases; and the fourth fastest in resolving administrative lawsuits. Figures also show that Hungary has the second lowest administrative backlog of lawsuits and the fourth lowest number of pending civil, commercial, and other cases.

For more details read the full text of the Scoreboard here.