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About Us

Welcome to the Put It Right Blog!

Freedom-loving and steadfastly pro-European, intellectually curious and politically center-right. That’s the community on this blog.

This venue offers a forum to discuss our views and positions on the future of Europe, her past and present as well as her relations with the rest of the world.

Given that broad perspective, the topics you’ll find here run a wide range. From the migration crisis to the Schengen Area, the euro, credit ratings, debt and deficits, economic growth, demographics, budgets, human rights and much more.

As the Hungarian EPP delegation to the European Parliament, we play host to this blog and are among the main contributors. But you will find the work of other contributors as well because we welcome posts from guest authors.

This is a ties-off forum, a place where the discourse is unbuttoned, a somewhat less formal platform to discuss Europe’s current affairs. We invite you to become an active part of it and help us Put It Right!


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