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The European Parliament committed a huge mistake

Following the EP vote on the controversial Sargentini Report last week, a diverse group of influential politicians raised their voices in protest against condemning Hungary.

“By punishing Hungary, the EP has committed one of its biggest mistakes to date,” the German CDU’s Arnold Vaatz said, adding that he regrets that many of his fellow party members participated in “the orchestrated offense against Hungary.” According to Vaatz, the effect of the EP’s decision will be devastating, as eastern member states are increasingly looking for ways to turn away from the EU without major financial losses.

Petr Fiala, Vice-President of the Czech Republic’s…

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September 24, 2018


PM Orbán: Illegal migrants should be stopped not only on land but also at sea

Hungary’s position on illegal migration, which makes strong borders the first priority, has long been at odds with the approach of some in Brussels, who put more emphasis on providing “better management of migration,” rather than stopping it.

On a recent official visit to Milan, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán reaffirmed his position on illegal migration stating that “Hungary is being attacked because it has proven that borders can be protected, while Brussels said that migrants cannot be stopped and must be allowed to enter”. The Visegrád Group of countries want to stop illegal migration altogether.

In this regard, PM Orbán has…

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Editorial August 16, 2018


The Visegrád Group stands united in the European Union

While the term of the Hungarian presidency of the Visegrad Group may have seen some political turbulence in the V4 countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland,

Hungary’s political stability and leadership on key issues important to the group enabled Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to address the issues of its neighboring V4 countries effectively, ultimately strengthening the position of all within the European Union.

“The Hungarian presidency of the group,” said Márton Ugrósd, director of the Hungarian Foreign Policy and Trade Institute (KKI), “was marked by last autumn’s political difficulties in the Czech Republic (difficulties in forming a new government), a new…

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August 10, 2018


We want a more effective European Citizens’ Initiative

Press release by György Schöpflin

“The European Citizens’ Initiative is by far the most attractive way for citizens to send their ideas and aspirations for change to the European Commission and the EU as a whole. The new regulations will make this smoother and more effective, and it only remains for the Commission to administer the ECI in a constructive spirit”, said György Schöpflin MEP, author of the Report, after a reform of the European Citizens’ Initiative Regulation was adopted today by the Constitutional Affairs Committee.

The European Citizens’ Initiative is a way for citizens to shape Europe by inviting the…

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György Schöpflin June 21, 2018


Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech at a conference held in memory of Helmut Kohl

16 June 2018, Budapest

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen, President Spengler, President Zoltán Balog,

I have agreed on a division of labour with Zoltán Balog: I will speak frankly and with no holds barred, while afterwards he will apologise to the audience for this.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For my part I shall keep to the agreement. Nowadays Europe’s vital signs show it to be in a state of feverish agitation. Many things are in motion at once: the warning signs of a trade war with the United States; armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia; a new form of politics in Italy on the…

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June 21, 2018


Migration is neither a human right, nor a desirable process

Hungary remains at the negotiating table to pursue solutions for managing global migration at the international community’s level. But as Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said recently, the compact appears to put the interests of Africa before the security of our own citizens.

As the UN migration package unfolds, it’s increasingly becoming a clear threat to Europe, Minister Szijjártó said to journalists prior to his address last week to the intergovernmental negotiations body at UN headquarters.

“It would now be justified to rechristen the Global Compact for Migration to the African Compact, since its clear beneficiary is Africa and its clear victim…

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Editorial June 12, 2018


Key takeaways from the V4’s “Future of Europe” conference

The Visegrád Group conference titled “Future of Europe,” held last week in Budapest’s Castle Garden Bazaar, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offered an opportunity to take a closer look at the continent’s future from a distinctly Visegrád perspective. During the event, which took place as part of the Hungarian V4 presidency leading politicians, renowned professors and well-known public figures offered thoughtful and provocative insights on the political and cultural forces that will shape Europe’s future. Here’s a brief rundown.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó, in his opening address, talked about the historical challenges facing Europe in the…

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Editorial June 5, 2018


Migration is neither a human right, nor a desirable process

Hungary is staying at the negotiating table to pursue solutions for managing global migration at the international community’s level. But as Foreign Minister Szijjártó has said, the security of our own citizens must come first.

The zero draft of the UN’s Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, an outline negotiated among Member States as a comprehensive approach to global migration, was published a few months ago (the compact on refugees had been made public earlier). The draft document, which refers to migration as a fundamental human right and calls upon Member States to reduce the criminalization of illegal…

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Editorial May 2, 2018


‘Hungary is more democratic than France,’ says French party leader and former MP

Certain European opinion-leaders and media outlets, reacting to the news of the re-election April 8 of Viktor Orbán and the ruling parties, could barely conceal their disappointment, according to a former member of the French National Assembly. But in some respects, “Hungary is more democratic than France,” he writes, and Orbán’s victory should be celebrated.

French media outlets like CNews spoke of the “controversial” Viktor Orbán while the 24-hour news channel BFM reported on the victory of the “far right” in Hungary, writes Christian Vanneste. Huffington Post reported with grave concern that “The Results of the Elections in Hungary…

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Editorial April 19, 2018


Frank Füredi: The demonization of Hungary is the real threat to democracy

Last week, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz-KDNP alliance won Hungary’s 2018 general elections by a landslide, securing another two-thirds supermajority in Hungary’s National Assembly. The 70 percent voter turnout, an increase of nearly eight points over the previous elections, gives the government one of the strongest mandates in Hungary’s entire democratic history.

In an article published on Spiked Online, sociologist Frank Füredi says that the real threat to Hungarian democracy is not the Fidesz government but the absence of a serious and responsible political opposition. Without one, Füredi argues, no government can genuinely work effectively.

“If you only listened to Western…

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Editorial April 18, 2018